Dana & Tracy Eklund

Sisters, Dana and Tracy didn’t start their business on purpose, it was born out of necessity- a horse at the therapeutic riding program where they worked required a 42" cinch- a tough size to find! Though they have a passion and love for custom gear, as a non-profit on a budget, it was not an option for 15-20 horses. Equipped with “if there’s a problem, we are going to solve it” mentality though, Dana bought a kit from U-BRAID-IT and started making them for the program…. Little by little things grew, Tracy learned how to make them, and a business evolved! Thousands of cinches later, and after lots of trial and error and a desire to always be improving and learning, teaching cinch making was a natural addition to the business.

Their goal is to create a highly usable piece of tack that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Dana and Tracy have taught dozens of folks how to tie cinches, both in person and online. They are so excited for “Be A Maker School”, and to be a part of such an enthusiastic learning community! They are focused on teaching people how to build functional equipment first and foremost, with the comfort of the horse in mind.

"We can all be Makers, so let’s be Makers of good. Just like Him, who was the first maker.”

– Nevada Miller

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