Kailey Klein

Kailey Klein is the maker, mama, ranch wife, and cowboy gal behind the brand Magpie West Leather Co. She has been tooling leather full time and running her business since around 2016. Kailey has been involved in the western lifestyle from a young age, but didn’t pick up stamps and a round maul until her college days at Oregon State University, when a saddle building roommate sparked her interest in the trade. She’s been completely hooked ever since. All through her 20’s, Kailey took her leather tools with her in an old trunk and gathered real life inspiration as she and her husband lived and worked at pack stations, cow camps, and large ranches throughout the West.

Over the years, she has gained recognition for her unique style in the leather working world; blending colorful contemporary western art scenes with traditional detailed floral elements. Creating highly sought after one-of-a-kind heirloom quality pieces is what keeps Kailey’s fire burning. Also passionate about continuing the tradition of leather work and the artistic western trades, the maker has dedicated herself to helping new artists learn the ropes. Kailey is a firm believer in passing down knowledge so future generations can create meaningful art and keep tradition alive. She enjoys teaching those who are hungry to pick up the timeless craft, as Klein herself is mostly self-taught and wishes she had access to the resources that are now available to beginners.

Along with spending time in the leather shop, Kailey’s days consist of raising two wild daughters and busy ranch life alongside her husband, Cody. A few of her favorite things are homemade sourdough cinnamon rolls, moving cows with good people in the middle of nowhere, and old turquoise jewelry with a story.

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"We can all be Makers, so let’s be Makers of good. Just like Him, who was the first maker.”

– Nevada Miller

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