Tayte McRae

A silver and goldsmith born and raised in the beautiful foothills south of Pincher Creek, Alberta, Tayte is the son of silversmith, Kelly McRae and grandson of bit and spur maker, Jim Hyde. You could say that he didn’t stand a chance at a different career. Having grown up with his mom's workshop in the front porch of their house (which was quite a feat in a 900 sq. foot home), Tayte spent many hours in the shop and traveling to trade shows where he was introduced to countless artists and makers. This fostered a deep appreciation for quality hand made goods. To pass the countless hours of travel and trade shows he started to draw.

After a childhood spent filling sketch books, he went to Calgary in 2008 and started to study illustration and design at the Alberta University of the Arts. Although he didn’t complete his degree, he feels like that was a very formative time for him and its influence can be seen in his work.

After moving home from Calgary in 2011, Tayte's new journey began. While working on the family ranch, which paid in room and board, he started tinkering in his mom's shop learning how to engrave. At the time he was very involved in the ranching community and became very interested in the artistry of bits and spurs. With help from his grandfather, Tayte learned how to make them. While bits and spurs were his initial primary interest, over the next couple of years that passion would evolve into jewelry making.

10 years later after countless struggles, learning experiences and miles spent on the road going to shows, unconditional support and the occasional push forward when he needs it from his amazing wife, Stacey, Tayte is still making jewelry and getting to do the job he loves. He believes his jewelry has improved by leaps and bounds in that time and will continue to do so as he continues to live and learn.

"We can all be Makers, so let’s be Makers of good. Just like Him, who was the first maker.”

– Nevada Miller

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